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  • A Faithful Mercy

    A Faithful Mercy

    David Boan February 22, 2024 It has been a year since Cathedral of the Rockies (Boise FUMC) started the mission to form a sister-church relationship with the First United Methodist Church of Uzhhorod Ukraine. Our desire was to support Ukrainian people displaced by the war, and do so in a way that builds a relationship…

  • The Importance of Being a Sister (Church)

    The Importance of Being a Sister (church) By David Boan [1] As the war in Ukraine enters its second year, the Cathedral of the Rockies Amity (Boise FUMC) Mission team proposed a unique model of helping displaced Ukrainian people. Our general mission approach emphasizes building relationships, so we asked, “Can we aid people in Ukraine…

  • Stories from the Front

    Stories of Children in Eastern Ukraine Our relief network in Eastern Ukraine sends us stories about their lives and the impact on children. Here is a collection of six short vignettes from the front. Note: These are sent in Ukrainian. We do minimal editing to the translation.