About Us

Humanitarian Advocacy, Inc is the registered name (DBA) for International Community Research, Inc, (ICRInc). ICRInc is incorporated in the state of Idaho and is determined by the IRS to be a tax exempt organization. 

The state of Idaho provides a website for searching for corporate records and determining if a corporation is in good standing. Both “Humanitarian Advocacy” and “International Community Research” corporate records will be found here.

The corporate office for Humanitarian Advocacy is:
2520 E La Grange Dr
Meridian, ID 83642

This website is hosted and supported by Humanitarian Advocacy, Inc.  Humanitarian Advocacy works with local faith communities and global organizations to create stronger, more resilient communities through care and protection of the most vulnerable community members.  

All photos used on this site were taken by David Boan and Andrea Brim and are used with permission.